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8 Apr

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Yes, I’ve fallen off the blog wagon, and I’ll probably stay off for a while through this busy spring. Not only do I have to get my novel out, but there are a lot of milestone events coming up. Milestone events require parties, and parties require decorations and planning. This is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and I tend to go overboard. As a kid I would hang up homemade decorations all over the house (my mother must have LOVED that)! No occasion was too small to escape my notice.
The scope of home decorating and party planning has gone off the scale, and now I’m a Pinterest addict, which allows me to browse through a million creative ideas that aren’t my own. Kind of like picking other people’s brains on a mass scale. You gotta love it.
My hope was to have my novel finished at the end of April, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So it’s officially ‘coming soon’. I can hear the disappointed sighs of my legions of readers as I write this (snort), but I don’t want to put out a book that isn’t exactly the way it needs to be. Only a few tweaks are required, but that takes time and energy, and right now my focus is elsewhere — on milestones and parties.
So today I have a long ‘To Do’ list, which includes searching for birch branches, plastic coffee lids and green string. Don’t even ask. I promise I’ll tell all and give you details after each event, but for now I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Monday Moan — Frozen

24 Mar
SnowinMarchArrived back from our month long trip south to a strange, frozen world … and no, I’m not talking about the latest Disney movie. I’m talking about the six feet of snow still on my lawn!
Eventually spring must arrive, I just wish it was sooner rather than later.
A few observations from our trip:
I can’t get the song ‘Rainy Night in Georgia‘ out of my head. My hubby sang it all the way back home. Yes, it rained a fair bit passing through Georgia. Problem is, he only knows six words of the lyrics, like with most songs he sings. Kinda annoying.
Why are all the weather channel broadcasters either older men or really really young women? Where are all the old broads?
Our GPS has dyscalculia — she can’t tell the difference between right and left. Fortunately, this only happened when we reached each destination, not during her directions. She would proudly announce: ‘Your destination is on the right’ when the Econolodge was clearly on the left side of the road. Dumb bitch.
I’m going on the Hungry Girl Diet starting tomorrow.
I hate Rogers. They don’t make it easy on travellers to the U.S. regarding travel plans. We were over our data budget by about $200.
Glad to sleep in my own bed, and thankful for a safe trip!

Road Trip — Siesta Key

9 Mar
006Arrived in Siesta Key yesterday! Our week long road trip has finally come to an end. Siesta Key is even more beautiful than I’d hoped. Powdery white sand and aqua water. The weather is perfect — high 20′s C — and we are looking forward to feeling the sun’s rays during our rest and relaxation. Signing off until then!

Road Trip — Daytona Beach

8 Mar
Acapulco Hotel, Daytona Beach

Acapulco Hotel, Daytona Beach

Finally, we have hit Florida, where it’s still cool with a brisk wind. This little beach town is where we honeymooned 35 years ago. Peering through the sands of time, we decided to try to find the same hotel we stayed in back in the day, just for fun. But seriously, I figured by now the hotel was almost certainly a pile of rubble underneath a brand new Starbucks.
Suddenly, there it was. A more modern facade, different exterior paint color (an attractive pale yellow hue, rather than the turquoise, pink and lime green shades of so long ago) and an updated pool area, but I would recognize the building anywhere. It also helped that it bore the same name as it did back in 1979 — Acapulco Hotel. I remember I booked the place because I liked the exotic name. We only stayed the one night back then, since we were on our way to Disney World.023
We asked some kids, a.k.a. twenty-somethings, to please take our picture in front of the hotel, and told them why. I’m sure they thought it was cute that a grey-haired couple could even remember where they honeymooned. I’m sure they think old coots like us don’t even have sex. But I digress …
Of course, we couldn’t resist staying another night, 35 years, 2 kids and 2 grandkids later. So here we’ll lay our heads tonight, lulled by the sound of the three hundred thousand motorcycles who are also here — it’s Daytona Bike Week.

Road Trip — Charleston & Savannah

7 Mar
Boone Plantation, South Carolina

Boone Plantation, South Carolina

Despite the cold, wet weather, very much enjoyed a tour of Boone Hill Plantation, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. The live oak trees – which are actually evergreens — are draped with Spanish moss, and are absolutely magnificent. This beautiful property has been the setting for several films, including the mini series “North and South” and “The Notebook”. We had lunch in historic Charleston and then enjoyed coffee and pecan pie in Savannah, Georgia. Had to buy some Pecan Praline candy before we left, of course.
So now I’m officially out of dry socks, and will have to borrow some from my husband. I’d like to break out the sandals, but I think we are faced with one more day of rain and gale force winds before we finally see the sun.

Road Trip — North Carolina

6 Mar
Canadian weathe!r in the Carolinas? Our fault

Canadian weather in the Carolinas? Our fault!

The plan was to drive along the coast but after taking several wrong turns — don’t even ask — we ended up driving down the back roads of North Carolina swamp land, near Alligator River. I’m sure we would have seen some alligators, but it’s too freakin’ cold for them to show themselves. Another day wearing my puffy spring coat and shoes instead of a sweater and sandals. This is getting old. I’m running out of socks. If I don’t get warm soon I’m going to set fire to something.

Road Trip — Virginia Beach

5 Mar
Virginia Beach -- I'm tempted to go for a swim. NOT!

Virginia Beach — I’m tempted to go for a swim. NOT!

We arrived in Virginia Beach after taking the ferry from Cape May and driving across the longest bridge I’ve ever seen. The weather is cold, grey and foggy. There is still snow on the ground, and ice on the sidewalks. I now suspect that WE are bringing OUR northern weather along with us, and that warm sunshine will continue to elude us!! Get ready, North Carolina, here we come! The plan is to have lunch in Myrtle Beach and then it’s on to Charleston. If I see snow in Charleston, I won’t be surprised. 

Roadtrip — Titan

3 Mar
Atlantic City Boardwalk, covered in snow

Atlantic City Boardwalk, covered in snow

Our plan was to drive to Virginia Beach today, but we decided to stay put and wait out the winter storm named ‘Titan’. It’s not that we couldn’t have tried to make the drive — our truck has winter tires — but apparently the roads were quite slippery, and we weren’t sure the ferry was running from Cape May.
So after trudging through the snow (yes, I had to put my boots back on) to a local antique book store in the morning, we enjoyed a lazy afternoon and waited until ‘Titan’ finally moved on. Geeze, if we decided to name our winter storms in Canada, we’d probably run out of letters!
But the sky looked pink at sunset, so here’s hoping we can keep heading south tomorrow!

Road Trip — Atlantic City Part 2

2 Mar
Atlantic City Beach

Atlantic City Beach

Didn’t get much sleep thanks to the late night antics of drunken gamblers. The walls of our cheap hotel are very thin. But today (Sunday) it’s very quiet. I think we’re the only ones on our floor, everyone else has gone home. Walked the boardwalk this morning wearing a lighter jacket — and my shoes, not boots! In early afternoon it began to rain, and it’s still raining. Will have dinner at the Knife and Fork Inn, an Atlantic City restaurant steeped in history.

Road Trip — Atlantic City

2 Mar
UpstateNew York. Still cold!

UpstateNew York. Still cold!

Still cold with snow on the ground when we arrived in upstate New York. Took our truck through the car wash to get rid of the salt stains from our icy winter roads. When we reached Philadelphia the snow finally disappeared, and I was able to take off my hat without my ears freezing off. Had trouble figuring out how the tolls worked, and somehow ended up paying $30. Guess they saw us coming.
Arrived in Atlantic City in time for wings and beer, very grateful to see the ocean. As a Boardwalk Empire fan, I’m excited to be here. Didn’t see any bottles of Canadian Club Whiskey floating in the water, nor was there any sign of Nucky Thompson. Although it’s cloudy, the air is definitely not as cold. I think I’ll be able to ditch my parka and Bogs by tomorrow!476
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